The 11th Nigeria International Graduate and Undergraduate Beauty Pageant and Modeling Show 2021 is a guaranteed platform into the global entertainment industry and a launching pad to be the next celebrity.
It’s open to black women worldwide between the ages of 18 – 31

Please know that you are worthy and capable of achieving your dreams… If you have a purpose.

There is enough room for each of the contestants to make a difference. The crown is beautiful, but you don’t need the crown to change the things that you can change.

This contest will catapult you to the world stage because of the foreign Medias and foreign Partners who will be present.

This might be something that you had always wanted to do or become in life career wise,

The beauty pageants and modeling show are not about “how beautiful you are or how slim your waist is, it is more about how do you impact on the rest of the world.
It’s more about being a voice – not just for yourself but for your country. It’s a union of national ambassadors. And we are finding ways we can make ourselves better and make our projects better. It is something that will change you completely and make you see life through a different lens.”

The fact that five of the winners of major beauty pageants are “identifiably black women really does say something about a level of comfort of black skin in the public,” said Professor Rooks, who recently taught a course on race, fashion and gender.

Miss World plans to be a doctor
Miss USA works on behalf of prisoners
Miss Universe fights gender-based violence
Miss America is an advocate for the arts
Miss Teen USA launched a non-profit to help people with disabilities

And they are all Black women and this is that launching pad you need if only you can believe in yourself,”
“Please know that you are worthy and capable of achieving your dreams. The crown is as many international and local doors you might really need. It’s for you to truly understand that no matter where you’re from, your background and the cards you are dealing with in life — your dreams are valid.
“You must represent something special, a generation of women that are pushing forward to change the world,”